Quality Worldwide Shipping Solutions

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Quality Worldwide Shipping Solutions

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Customers should be differentiated base on their needs. We've listened to you, acknowledged you, and we are pleased to adapt to your shipping needs. Whether you are shipping oversize cargo (Project cargo), FcL Container(s), LcL cargo such as barrel(s) or package(s) we will provide you with the best, the most reliable and most cost effective shipping solution. At both ends of the shipping process a team of professionals will advice and take care of all required documentation necessary for shipping and clearance.


 Quacy's Container Line is The Way of the Future, providing Quality Worldwide Shipping Solutions




Roll-on, Roll-off (Why Ro/Ro)

Vessels used for Ro/Ro are designed from scratch to be used for carrying heavy equipment such as cars,trucks, boats and any self-propelled or tow-able cargo. Ro/Ro is cost effective and ideal for everyone who wants to keep their cost down as much as possible. Additionally Ro/Ro allows for less handling and secure storage location. Vehicles/heavy equipment are literally driven on board, parked in a secure location completely weather proof, no exposure to elements or salty air/water. At the destination, it is driven off again. Be sure that the fuel tank is no more – but no less than ¼ full

Commercial Cargo:

For (B2B) business to business customers, let us take the load off of you by serving as your logistic conduit.  We facilitate movement and storage of materials , products and goods. Refrigerated goods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, chilled and frozen meats, are highly perishable and require special handling to preserve their condition at the destination. Our expansive network of Ocean Carriers are equipped to handle refrigerated cargo through monitored and computerized refrigeration equipment with efficient cargo movement systems. We will fulfill all your logistic needs such as: spotting your container, and returning the container to the pier for timely sailing. We will issue your invoices, rated or unrated BLs. Your business will never be interrupted. We love hearing from you!

Returning Residents:

Relocating can become stressful and confusing. We are here to help ship your household effects: furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, artwork and similar household furnishings for your personal use. We will liaison with destination agents to obtain accurate compliance of local rules and regulations around the world. We will provide you with ample support and useful moving tools, which in most cases, open the way for Returning Residents to benefit from tax exemption privileges. With advance planning and completion of necessary documentation relocating will become as stress free as possible. 

Personal Effects:

Shipping (Lcl) less than a truck load to the Caribbean , Europe or Africa? No job is too small or too large. No mountain too high or too far. Quacy's Container Line has the solution. Our experience, dependable team will pick-up your barrel, box or package and have it shipped to your destination. During transit we will monitor your shipment to ensure safe and timely delivery.



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Do you have an item that needed to be somewhere yesterday, or an item in  storage ready to be move? We respond with shipping & logistics quotes within 24 hours.


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What are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are the big steel boxes that sit on the back of lorries, trains and ships and are used for importing and exporting goods. Standard shipping containers are usually 8ft wide by 8ft 6ins high by 20ft or 40ft long. Shipping containers meet a specific design and build standard which means they can be used for shipping.

What kind of paperwork I will need to fill out ahead of time?

We will send you some paperwork for you to fill out the basic information, Such as shipper and receiving party contact information. Don’t worry, we will take care of all the export custom and paperwork for you.

Do you handle international household moves?

We are an international shipping company, not an international moving company. We can help you ship but we can't help you load. An empty container can be delivered to your premises and you will be responsible for loading it properly.

How many pallets into an ocean container?

♦ Approximately 10 standard (40”x48”x48”) pallets can fit into a 20’ dry ocean container.

♦ Approximately 22 standard (40”x48”x48”) pallets can fit into a 40’ or 40HC (high cube) dry ocean container.

♦ Approximately 24 standard (40”x48”x48”) pallets can fit into a 45’ dry ocean container.    

What is Schedule B?

Schedule B is a list of export codes administered by the U.S. Census Bureau. Refer to for further information.

What are shipping requirements?

International shipping requirements will vary depending on the shipment type. All international shipping will need an origin/destination, commodity descriptions, and a Bill of Lading.

What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is shipping commodities from an Origin to a Destination.

How to ship a container?

Full Load Containers (FCL) are shipped internationally on an ocean steamship or cargo ship. 

What does the shipping rate include?

The shipping rate includes the base rate and surcharges except the following: Local Customs clearance, duty, taxes, and port charges. If port to port rate is selected then rates do NOT include final delivery to the door.


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